Sport Players Food and diet:

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Players area unit usually suggested extending their intake of sugar within the days previous (8 – ten grams of sugar per kg of body weight) with concomitant reductions in activity levels (12). but it’s unlikely players attain such elevated intakes (Jones unpublished observations). Anderson et al. (1) antecedently rumored the failure of English Premier League players to consume enough sugar within the start of a match 온라인홀덤 . Players are suggested to consume a sugar wealthy (2.5 grams of sugar per kg of body weight) meal before start off (13) with more tiny dosages (25 – thirty grams) consumed oftentimes within the hours before start off (14 – 18). Such proof clearly highlights the importance of every meal within the start of the competition.

A footballers breakfast sometimes contains a hundred-a hundred and fifty g of sugar (1.3 – a pair of g/kg for a 75kg athlete) (Clyde Williams unpublished observations) and their pre-match meal is of terribly similar composition (Jones unpublished observations), that combined with the analysis of Anderson et al. (1) points to the potential failure of footballers to satisfy current best observe nutrition pointers.

Breakfast omission is common to plan of action accustomed to cut back daily energy intake (19) and promotes favorable reductions in weight among the final population. a discount in daily energy intake on the day of a match in skilled footballers might probably impact polysaccharide stores, performance, and recovery.



The purpose of this investigation was to work out the prevalence of breakfast omission among English Premier League footballers on match day.

Data assortment

Data were collected from twenty male players (age: twenty-five ± 4) from Associate in Nursing English Premier League squad over six Sat three PM home English Premier League fixtures. Players completed a self-report form provided upon arrival as a part of traditional watching procedures. The study conformed to the recommendations of the Declaration of the Finnish capital.

The information collected comprised of 2 questions: self-reported breakfast consumption (yes, no) and if breakfast was omitted why. Breakfast was loosely outlined as any hot food or fluid that skint the long quick. No objective knowledge to quantify actual energy intake was collected.


Analysis of the questionnaires unconcealed that fifty-six (±5) of the matchday squad consumed breakfast, whereas a quarter-mile (±5) didn’t consume breakfast (figure 1). though a pair of players that omitted breakfast consumed a little snack, instead of their typical breakfast. once solely the beginning eleven for every one of the six matches were enclosed within the analysis on the average forty-eighth (±10) of players didn’t consume breakfast (figure 2).

When assessed relative to enjoying position breakfast omission was most prevailing in goalkeepers (61 ± 14%) compared with forwards (40 ± 0%), midfielders (53 ± 25%), and defenders (31 ± 13%).

“Gastrointestinal discomfort” (40%) was the foremost ordinarily rumored reason for omitting breakfast in those who didn’t consume, with “proximity of next meal” (30%), “feeling heavy” (15%), “sleep extension” (9%), “no appetite” (6%) and different (4%) among different reasons provided by players (figure 3).


The primary aim of this investigation was to work out the prevalence of breakfast omission on the game day among Associate in Nursing English Premier League squad. it absolutely was found that a quarter-mile (±5) of the whole squad and forty-eighth (±10) of the beginning eleven for every one of the six matches (15:00 kick-off) omitted breakfast for a spread of reasons. while no objective measures of energy intake were taken and everyone player went on to consume a pre-match meal, such insight into the habitual practices of elite soccer players is significant to support the practices and proposals of sports nutritionists, particularly within the information that a lot of players fail to satisfy current best-practice pointers within the days before the match (1, Jones unpublished Observations).

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